Vision & Impact


Vision and Impact


Dexter Southfield is the preeminent choice for families looking for a nationally exemplary, regionally distinctive PK-12 coordinate track school. The School’s graduates are thoughtful leaders, creative thinkers, and compassionate citizens of the world. Both our legacy and our future are based on a strong foundation that includes classical curriculum, character development, and innovation, both in and out of the classroom. Dexter Southfield students are well rounded and engaged in all areas of the School’s program.

Daily athletics is an important component of the Dexter Southfield experience. Students learn about physical fitness, fair play, leadership, and sportsmanship. Our faculty – who more often than not also serve as our coaches – continue these lessons from the fields back to the classrooms. 

Starting with the Athletics and Wellness Initiative will have an immediate impact on the athletics program for all students. Currently, there are too few spaces for students to meet, which causes significant scheduling conflicts and challenges. The addition of age-appropriate facilities will benefit students in all divisions – from the first-grade student learning to skate to the varsity basketball player participating in proper strength and conditioning training.

It will also have significant impact on other areas of the School’s program.

First and foremost, this project will address student safety as it relates to pedestrian traffic and vehicular traffic flow on this end of campus. The AF and new Fieldhouse will be joined by a concourse, eliminating the existing road and forcing traffic around the complex. The new route is safer for buses, visiting athletes, game officials, and spectators and keeps children away from the traffic flow. 

The initiative will also have substantial benefits in the academics and the arts. The flexibility afforded to the daily schedule will give teachers more time for academic studies, projects, and cross-divisional collaboration. In particular, lower school students can begin the day with academics, which is the optimal time for learning at that age. The arts will gain additional space once athletics and physical fitness are centralized; the dance program will move into the Dalrymple Gym, which, in time, will be fitted with sprung flooring suitable for all styles of dance and movement.


Support the Athletics and Wellness Initiative, making history for Dexter Southfield’s future.