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The fundraising progress to date has been both remarkable and inspiring, thanks to generous support from the Board of Trustees and members of the Dexter Southfield community. The School has raised over $12.1 million toward its $12.6 million goal - and now we need your help to finish funding the project. Your gift will allow us to complete and fully equip the facility, and to open by next winter. This is truly a community-wide effort, and we hope you join us supporting the Athletics and Wellness Initiative.

As we strive for "our best today," help us create a better tomorrow for our students.  Join the community-wide effort for the Athletics and Wellness Initiative by making a gift today.

Current Naming Opportunities 
(Those in bold have been secured)

  • Athletics & Wellness Complex - $5,000,000
  • Field House - $3,000,000
    • Strength & Conditioning Room - $1,250,000
    • Training & Wellness Room - $750,000
    • Basketball Courts - $500,000
    • Tennis Courts - $250,000
    • Volleyball Courts - $250,000
    • Terrace - $250,000
    • Team Rooms (8)     
      • Varsity (4) - $200,000
      • Junior Varsity (4) -$150,000
    • Scoreboard - $100,000     
  • Concourse (between two buildings) - $1,500,000
  • Arena - $2,000,000
    • Ice Sheet - $1,000,000
    • Turf Field - $1,000,000
    • Viewing Room - $1,500,000
    • Coaches Room - $100,000
    • Officials Room - $100,000
    • Home Penalty Box - $100,000
    • Visitor's Penalty Box - $100,000
    • Scoreboard - $100,000
    • Director of Athletics Office - $100,000
    • Zamboni - $300,000 
    • Home Bench - $250,000
    • Visitor's Bench - $250,000
    • Athletics Recognition Display Cases - $50,000
    • Individual Arena Seats - $5,000
  • Dance Space in Dalrymple Gym - $500,000

In the coming weeks, additional naming and recognition opportunities will be unveiled. 

Make A Gift

Use the form below to make a gift to the Athletics and Wellness Initiative. If the giving form does not display below, please refresh this page. If you have additional questions about ways to support the initiative, contact Stephanie Governali. Thank you for your support.


Thank You

Dexter Southfield is grateful for the demonstrated and generous support from the community — trustees, alumni, current and past parents, and friends of the School. During the last several months, we have raised over $12.1 million for the Athletic and Wellness Initiative, allowing the School to begin construction immediately and with minimum disruption to the academic day. We would like to thank the following Dexter Southfield community member for their contributions to date:


Anonymous (5)
Christine and Ernie Adams ’66  
Beth and Ed Baldini ’76
Laura and Vin Barletta ’84
Sarah and Scott Barringer ’83  
Sarah and DJ Basu  
Judy-Ann and Art Bert  
Larry Best
Judy and Bob Bland ’52
William Boyce
David Brown
Caroline and Tim Cahalane
Margaret Casey
Maureen Burke and Sean Cashell
Class of 2017 Senior Class Gift
Jo and Bill Cleary
Harris Collins
Kerry and Dennis Collins
Suzanne Collins
Yanni Contos '89
Kate and Read Coughlin '82
Stefanie and Doug Cronin
Gay and Eugene Crowley
Janice and Andy Crowley
Susan Dunn and Rob Cunjak
Shannon and William Devens
Deanna and Tony DiNovi
Donna and Paul Frank
Sarah and Charlie Forbes ’82
Kristin and Mark Fusco
Mia and Scott Gieselman
Xiaojie Zhang and Zhiqiang Gui
Benedicte and Roger Hallowell
Sandra and Bob Hamlin ’55
Kyra and Charlie Haydock ’65
Tim Hughes
Nina and Ogden Hunnewell '65
Patty and A. Diehl Jenkins ’54
Jonathan P. Jenkins '84
Carlene Johnson
Sinesia and William Karol
Paul Kazilionis
Patti and Jonathan Kraft

Chelsea Zhang and Qiang Li
Laura and Kevin Lilly
Anne and Ed Mahoney ’81
Cindy and John Marrs
Elena and Tom Matlack
Annsley and Bobby McAleer
Courtney and Stephen McCarthy
Hope and Shaw McDermott ’62
Warren McFarlan ’49
Linda and Michael Moody
Karen and Gary Mueller
Patricia and Michael Murphy
Nancy and Mario Nicosia
Mark Noonan
Charles F Norton
Karen and Mike Oates
Natasha and Peter O’Brien ’83
Katherine and Ian O’Keefe
Allison and Stephen Pellegrino
Julie and David Perry
Gilda Smart and Chris Picotte
Bredt Handy and Chris Reynolds '74
David Ring
Martha and Paul Rizzoli
Barbara and Francis Rockett
William Roman
Annie and Chris Roy '83
Burton Sack
Fabi and Dave Scanlan
The Sullivan Family
Stephanie Teixeira-Yim
Dana Gerson-Unger and Jeffrey Unger
Julia and George Vien
Kristin and Todd Vincent
Matt Wardrop ’10
The Weeks Family
Susan and Peter White
Michael Wiggins
Ben Williams ’48
Laura and Will Wilson
Susie Wilson '00


Sponsor a Seat

Dexter Southfield is grateful to the following community members who are supporting the Athletics and Wellness Initiative by naming a seat and helping raise the final funds for this project.

Fabi and Dave Scanlon  
Adela Agolli-Tarshi and Michael Tarshi
Laura and Rob Henderson
Courtney and Michael Forrester
June and Henry Biner
Joanne Walsh

Anonymous (1)
Margot and Charles Moore  
Story Musgrave '47
Karen and Mike Oates
Melinda and Harris Collins, III '83  
Irene and Peter Murray  

If you wish to participate in this project by sponsoring a seat, please visit our Sponsor a Seat giving page.