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Dexter Southfield Announces the Athletics and Wellness Initiative



Dear Members of the Dexter Southfield Community,

It is with great excitement that we announce a campus facilities project, “Unlocking the Future: the Athletics and Wellness Initiative,” which will include renovations to the existing Athletic Facility (AF) along with construction of a new, seasonally-flexible fieldhouse. This project – to be completed by late November 2017 – will have immediate benefits for all students, not only in the athletics program, but also in academics, the arts, and the full student experience. It will provide the School with much needed flexibility in the daily schedule and has been conceptualized with future campus planning in mind. 

Thanks to the strong commitment and generosity of the Board of Trustees and several members of the Dexter Southfield community, we have raised $10 million in the last three months. We are more than three quarters of the way to raising our goal of $12.6 million. This unprecedented financial support allows us to begin construction immediately and with minimum disruption to the academic day. That said, we still need continued support from the full community in order to complete and fully equip the facility, and to open by next winter. This historical moment for our great School is truly a community-wide effort, and in the coming weeks you will learn more about how you can join others in supporting this project. 

Renovations in the AF will begin soon – March 2017 – and will include replacement and enhancement of the ice surface and boards; new spectator seating; off-season turf surface, viewing room, and team meeting space. The work is scheduled to be completed later this spring, which means the rink will be ready for this summer’s hockey camp program.

Also this spring, Thorndike Rink will come down, and the new fieldhouse will be constructed in its footprint. The seasonally-flexible building will have a varsity-level basketball court, practice courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, flexible gymnasium space, collapsible spectator seating, and locker rooms. It will also have state-of-the-art training and strength and conditioning facilities. The building will be connected to the existing AF through a concourse, allowing student-athletes and spectators access to either facility, while improving pedestrian safety and vehicular traffic flow on campus. It is worth noting again: all construction is scheduled to be completed by late November, and will be ready for immediate use once it is finished.

The Board of Trustees, along with the administration, faculty, staff, and community members, has been engaged in a broader planning process for the past 18 months. The exercise has allowed the School to examine the constraints of the campus as it is currently configured as well as the needs of the student body. The Athletics and Wellness Initiative will provide a cascade of benefits throughout our program, and will inform what is to come on this campus and in our classrooms. It is a necessary measure for Dexter Southfield today, which will only lead to a better tomorrow.

For more information about the Athletics and Wellness Initiative, including architectural drawings, plans, news and updates, please check this website regularly. We will update this site in order to keep you informed throughout the renovation and construction process. We will host an informational meeting for the community to learn more about the project; details about this event will be forthcoming. Until then, we welcome questions or comments at any time.

Thank you for your interest and support during this exciting time at Dexter Southfield.

Todd Vincent
Head of School

Cara FoleyDexter Southfield