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Athletics and Wellness Initiative


Unlocking the Future: Athletics and Wellness Initiative

Dexter Southfield’s campus facilities project, "Unlocking the Future: the Athletics and Wellness Initiative," will include renovations to the existing Athletic Facility (AF) along with construction of a new, seasonally-flexible fieldhouse. This project – to be completed by late November 2017 – will have immediate benefits for all students, not only in the athletics program, but also in academics, the arts, and the full student experience. It will provide the School with much needed flexibility in the daily schedule and has been conceptualized with future campus planning in mind.  

Support the Athletics and Wellness Initiative, making history for Dexter Southfield’s future. 

The fundraising progress to date has been both remarkable and inspiring, thanks to generous support from the Board of Trustees and members of the Dexter Southfield community. The School has raised $11 million toward its $12.6 million goal - and now we need your help to finish funding the project. Your gift will allow us to complete and fully equip the facility, and to open by next winter. This is truly a community-wide effort, and we hope you join us supporting the Athletics and Wellness Initiative.

As we strive for "our best today," help us create a better tomorrow for our students. 

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