About the Project


About the Project


In 2015, Dexter Southfield began a broad exercise around campus planning to better understand the constraints of its campus buildings, facilities, and roadways. The School was focused on several primary goals: improving campus safety as it relates to vehicle and pedestrian traffic; adding space to meet the needs of the current student body; and starting with a project that would have a cascade of benefits for all students, in all divisions. It became clear quickly that the School could accomplish these elements by leading with the Athletics and Wellness Initiative.

In December 2016, the Board of Trustees approved funding for initial plans and design of a campus facilities project, “Unlocking the Future: the Athletics and Wellness Initiative.” Following several months of planning, the Board also approved the project’s timeline to begin immediately, with initial work starting in March 2017. The project includes renovations to the existing Athletic Facility (AF) along with construction of a new, seasonally-flexible fieldhouse. 

Members of the Board of Trustees, senior administration, faculty, staff, and professional partners have been working on the vision and plan, in order to share those details with the community. In early January 2017, the School had made enough progress to announce the project publicly.

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Renovations in the existing Athletics Facility (beginning March 2017; completed May 2017)

• Replacement and enhancement of the ice surface and boards
• New spectator seating
• Off-season turf surface
• Viewing room and team meeting space


Construction of new, seasonally-flexible fieldhouse (beginning Spring 2017; completed late November 2017)

• Varsity-level basketball court
• Practice courts
• Tennis courts
• Volleyball courts
• Flexible gymnasium space
• Collapsible spectator seating
• Locker rooms
• Meeting rooms and offices
• State-of-the-art training facilities


Campus Safety

The buildings will be connected through a concourse, allowing student-athletes and spectators access to either facility, while improving pedestrian safety and vehicular traffic flow on campus. 

Alterations in the existing Dalrymple Gymnasium

• In time, installation of new spring flooring for the dance program
• Addition of ballet barres and mirrors
• Flexible space for additional programming


Project Timeline

January 5, 2017
Board of Trustees Approves Project

January 17, 2017
Head of School Todd Vincent Announces Project to Community

March 2017
Renovations begin in the existing AF

May 2017
Demolition of Thorndike Rink

Renovations in the AF completed

June 9, 2017
Last day of school

June 19, 2017
Summer Camps Open; Hockey Camp inaugurates the new ice surface

July 2017
Demolition completed; construction of new fieldhouse continues

August 11, 2017
Last day of Summer Camps

September 7, 2017
School Opens

Late November 2017
Construction completed

January 6, 2018
Community Celebration -- All Invited